Ability Connect. Comunicación y visualización en tiempo real

What is it?

Ability Connect is a free application of alternative communication for mobile devices promoted and developed by the University of Alicante with the support of the Vodafone Spain Foundation as part of its collaboration on innovation in accessible technologies for the integration of students with disabilities.

Ability Connect allows real-time communication of various devices through Bluetooth without the need of a connection to the internet - although it can also be used via Wi-Fi or Data m & oacute; viles- and that has advanced features of visualization of content to adapt to the needs of various groups of people with disabilities; as people with auditory deficit, low vision or dyslexia.

Ability Connect ha sido desarrollada y promovida por el Programa de Accesibilidad Digital de la Universidad de Alicante con el apoyo de la Fundación Vodafone España.

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Real-time communication

There are two operating modes:

  • In the sender mode the user can create sessions and enter the text that he wishes to transmit in real time,
  • and in the receiver mode, one or several users can see the list of active sessions and can connect to receive the content relayed by a sender in real time.

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Adapted text reading

  • Full reading: The text is structured in paragraphs and it is possible to set the color of the background and the text to improve the contrast and the font size and type to improve readability.
  • Reading word by word:This is a word player in which the text appears word by word, being able to configure the speed of reproduction, in addition to the options of the complete mode.
  • Read aloud: The content will be read aloud by the speech synthesis of the device.

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Accessible text editor

In this accessible text editor we can create texts or paste them from other applications, benefiting from the options of contrast configuration and font size and that allows us to archive our documents to modify them a posteriori or consult them with different types of adapted reading.

At any time we can share our texts with other applications or send them by E-mail or Whats'App to our friends.

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For what? Can it be used?

Inclusive classroom

While a classmate takes notes with Ability Connect on their device of what happens in the classroom or what is written on the board, a person with disabilities can consult them on their device in real time as well as file, modify and consult it later.


Events and congresses

While a person enters into Ability Connect what is happening in the room, users can connect to this session with their device and receive on their device what is happening. The session can be projected on a screen or similar so that the public can consult it.

A panel of speakers is seen in a congress, a monitor with the simultaneous transcription of Ability Connect and a tablet in which the text is also being received

Simultaneous translation

An interpreter or translator introduces the text in the language understood by the assistants in real time in Ability Connect. Or on the contrary, users connect through Ability Connect and select the language in which they wish to receive the content.

A panel of speakers on a day where two monitors can be seen with the transcript of what happens in Spanish and English with Ability Connect